#MissionSiachen Drive

#MissionSiachen is a clarion call emphasizing that, Early Screening of Breast Cancer for Complete Cure is possible.

Can in Cancer

CAN in CANCER is a global initiative to encourage early screening for breast cancer, there by a possible cure and better quality of life as survivor. The initiative focuses upon the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal of SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 3: Good Health and Well being. Survivors drive various projects focusing on maximising the impact and awareness of screening initiatives through community outreach.

Mission Siachen

MissionSiachen is a clarion call emphasizing that, "Early Screening of Breast Cancer for Complete Cure is possible". By way of PLEDGE, each person undertakes to get one or more woman from their family or community, pre-screened for breast cancer. It is an appeal made by a survivor who reached SIACHEN, as a testimony of strength and hope.

SIACHEN is the northernmost point of India. This huge glacier's Saltoro Ridge forms the border between India and China. SIACHEN is the northernmost point of India and it faces extreme weather in very high altitudes.

About Sangeetha Sridhar

Sangeetha Sridhar, an E-Government professional who lives at Abudhabi.l hails from Tamil Nadu. She made a solo driving world record of 50,000 Km in her UN SDG 6 Drive #CleanIndiaTrail as a single lap spanning 8 months. She holds a Guinness Record and was part of the Electric Vehicle drive to the Everest Base Camp via Tibet, China. Her post- Cancer drive MISSION SIACHEN – the northern most border of INDIA, is a testimony of hope and quality of life post-cancer. She is to reach about 19,000 ft height in extreme cold across a challenging terrain.

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